Sold out SoundMAGIC Airplane Adaptor -

About SoundMAGIC Airplane Adaptor

With this double-mono airplane adaptor from SoundMAGIC it is easy to connect your headphones and earphones to on-board music systems on flights to be able to enjoy the entertainment with your SoundMAGIC headphones instead of the basic headphones of the airline.

Dual gold-plated 3.5mm jack plugs fit perfectly and transfer sound with highest integrity without signal loss or drop-out. Manufactured by SoundMAGIC with the same build quality as the stock adaptor supplied with the original package.

Perfect stereo sound.



  • Headphone travel adaptor for use onboard aircraft
  • Allows you to use SoundMAGIC headphones with on-board systems
  • Double-mono design maintains stereo sound
  • Gold plated contacts for improved sound quality