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SoundMAGIC Glasses Hooks

A clever solution of holding SoundMAGIC IEM earphones in place for people that wear glasses. These little SoundMAGIC earphone holders help guide earphones worn in an over ear configuration. Retaining the earphones above the ear helps reduce microphonic noises travelling up the cable resulting in clear and disturbance free listening.

This method of attaching SoundMAGIC IEM earphones directly to glasses eliminates issues related with wearing glasses and earphones in an over-the-ear configuration. When required the earphones can be detached quickly and easily without the need of removing the earphones and cable completely.

SoundMAGIC glasses hooks are made of strong thermoplastic resin and adorned with left and right markers for quick identification of the correct side.


  • Secure hold of IEM earphones in conjunction with glasses
  • Simple design keeps earphones in place above the ear
  • Microphonic cable noises are diminished
  • Glasses and earphones do not interfere with each other
  • Left and right markers for quick identification