SoundMAGIC Warranty Policy

All SoundMAGIC products on this site are provided with a 1 (one) year warranty unless otherwise stated.

Cables, batteries, bags, adapters, and other supplied accessories are covered for ninety (90) days under warranty. There is no guarantee claim where hygiene is a concern or on consumable parts whose durability is limited by use.

All authorised dealers are required by SoundMAGIC to look after warranty claims for purchases made from their store. If you have a warranty claim please contact the dealer that you purchased the product from and if the claim is valid (i.e. failure is due to manufacturing defect) then they will replace the product free of charge.

If you encounter problems with a warranty claim at a SoundMAGIC dealer, first double check that they are an authorised dealer, and if so then please report the problem to SoundMAGIC customer service for resolution.

How To Protect Yourself

Always check if the reseller you are purchasing from is listed as an authorised dealer on the SoundMAGIC website, especially if you are purchasing from online marketplace platforms like eBay, Play.com, Aliexpress or Amazon. Alternatively contact us and check before purchasing.

If you purchase products from an non-authorised dealer and require warranty service you may find that you are not covered.

Check the serial number

Any products with serial numbers removed from packaging or blacked out are most likely sold by a non-authorised reseller and will not have a valid warranty.  We recommend returning for a refund any SoundMAGIC products received without a serial number on the packaging to the reseller you purchased from.

Buying on eBay from Hong Kong

Many resellers on trading platforms such as eBay are not located in the European Economic Area (EEA) and are offering products that have not been been certified for sale in Europe. It is illegal to sell these products in the EEA and SoundMAGIC will not accept any warranty claim for SoundMAGIC products without CE marking.

What to look out for

If you are browsing for SoundMAGIC goods online you may come across some of the following:

“No VAT to pay!” – Most authorised SoundMAGIC retailers are VAT registered and there is usually a VAT charge in the European Economic Area (EEA).  Be wary of any reseller claiming that they do not charge VAT.

“There are no import duty/customs charges!” – Customs at the border of your country will charge import duty (including VAT in the EEA) if they deem that goods imported from outside the EEA require customs charges.  You will be liable for customs charges if importing from outside your economic area, e.g. importing from outside Europe.

Grey Market/Parallel Imports

SoundMAGIC is aware that some resellers are currently purchasing SoundMAGIC brand products outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and selling these products within the EEA, without SoundMAGIC’s consent. Also some resellers from outside the EEA (especially from Hong Kong) are offering products to customers in the EEA that are not certified for sale in the EEA.

SoundMAGIC warns that such importation is not legal for the following reasons:

  • All electronic products must comply with the applicable European laws, rules and regulations, including in particular CE marking. SoundMAGIC products originating from outside the EEA do not contain this marking and as such cannot be placed on the EEA market. SoundMAGIC consequently will not accept any warranty claim for SoundMAGIC products without CE marking.
  • Importation of SoundMAGIC brand products into the EEA requires SoundMAGIC’s prior approval with regards to its trademark and other intellectual property (IP) rights. SoundMAGIC consequently reserves the right to initiate legal action against any persons and/or companies for breach of its IP rights.